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maximice is the network of the MICE market.
Exceptional hotels with MICE potentials, information regarding the MICE industry, professionalism and know how are united here.
We represent national as well as international hotels, pair up event planners with their perfect business partners and function as innovative operator and networker of the industry.

It is all about networking!

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    maximice is a MICE industry expert with a network of exceptional and qualified MICE destinations and hotels. In addition, we are an open-minded and creative partner for supporting you finding the proper destination for your event.



    THiNK TANK, a series of events addressed to event agencies and senior project managers, has been existing since July 2013. This innovative format presents experts lecturing on various contemporary topics relevant to the event domain. “Breakfast-Workshops” offer information of the target-group oriented ideas as well as a platform to the industry to establish and sustain communication therein. Prior to every meeting, attendants may hand in their individual questions which are to be discussed in the workshop.

    The following topics have been discussed and toured though Germany so far: Taxation of events outside Germany but within the European Union (focus on “Reverse Charge”), insuring all EVENTualities

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